BR Builder java compatibility

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BR Builder java compatibility

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hey guys, i was having trouble getting the area builder to run on my new computer, and as far as i could tell the only difference between it and my old one was JRE version 6 update 18 vs JRE version 6 update 7. sure enough, i put the old java on the new comp and the builder works fine. i suppose there might have been other factors, so i was wondering what version/update of java you use.

if java stopped working with the builder somewhere between updates 7 and 18, we should probably note that on the download page.
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Post by Everybody »

I've actually had trouble getting it to work with any of the 1.6 java versions - I uninstalled all of them back to 1.5 (which I luckily still had on this computer) to get my version of the builder working again. Most likely, the code base on which the builder is written (java) has slightly changed one of the functions that gets called during its initial load period. This is unfortunate, as it then hangs the entire builder application before you can even get into it. When I have free time, I'll see if I can't pin down what the latest version of java that it works with is, and then find an install file for it to get posted up here, as a temporary measure until one of us can find the problem in the code and fix it.
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